📷Support Smartphone,iPad,GoPro,DSLR camera. ll bundled up with options of slo-mo, picture, video or live gif. People can instantly view these videos and share them online! Instant Sharing To Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

📷360 Photo Booth, can capture a slow motion video from all angles. Guests stand on a platform using a slow motion arm to circle automatically around them. You can also customize overlays and animations, there will be awesome contents that can be shared within seconds
📷Two control methods: Remote Control with four buttons and Emergency Control Center. It can realize ON/OFF, Reverse, Speed Up & Speed Down through panel of photo booth. This product has a platform diameter of 68cm – 120 cm and can accommodate 1-6 people
📷For the motion arm base, it can not only adjust the arm angle with screw, but also the distance away the platform with screw. The motion arm length can be adjusted with two big screws. And the length of motion arm is from 80cm to 120cm. The product is packed in packed by thick cardboard
📷Product installation is a video link, please contact the seller to obtain the installation video after receiving the product. Product packaging is heavy, you can contact us with any problems you encounter during installation and use

mẫu photo booth chụp hình cho thuê có đèn led
bục xoay chụp hình có đèn led nhấp nháy remote on off
Portable Camera Photobooth 360

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